New Dress Code For JP Morgan

JP Morgan, one of the biggest companies, have brought in new dress codes for its employees. The new code states that the business casual dress will be suited and tie for banking professionals as many people interact with clients and it demands some formality. JP Morgan has been following the new edict that the client-facing employees do not receive many benefits from the new dress code. However, if a client sees you, you should dress perfect for that client. JP Morgan agrees that while it is not possible to follow this dress code all the time, they will be releasing a new guideline for the same.

A casual weekend day has also been initiated which will be treated as a dress down day. On that particular day, employees will be allowed to wear jeans, collared t-shirts and other smart casuals. However, yoga pants, leggings, flip flops or anything distracting or revealing dresses are not encouraged. Strict actions can be taken against the employees who do not follow the dress codes mentioned on a dress down day. The action starts by giving a warning and then if the mistake is repeated, then it might affect your personal file which can result in a downward graph in your career.