What is Electronic Pest Control?

What is Electronic Pest Control?

Pest control products that are electronic devices are used in a variety of pest management programs. Devices range in size and types to suit different needs. Pests controlled by electronic pest devices range from tiny flies to animals as large as deer.

An electronic device can utilize sonic or ultrasonic sound waves, ultraviolet or UV rays, visual scare characteristics or other means to discourage, scare or repel pests. The most popular of these are electronic pest repellers. This products list gives you a short description of different types of repellers, scare devices and traps.Pest control

The smallest electronic pest repeller is the Transonic XL, a sonic repeller that is created to repel animals ranging in size from spiders to skunks. Being the least expensive among such devices, many people choose the Transonic XL but have varying results. Whether or not this device actually has an effect on insects, spiders, rodents depends on whom you speak too. Many people have reported seeing fewer rats, mice and squirrels in areas where this device is used. The Transonic XL works best when used on nuisance bat populations in attics and barns.

For large or stubborn bat populations, the QB4 Quadblaster will cover larger areas using ultrasonic waves.

The MoGo is an electronic unit that emits sound waves into tunnels of moles, gophers, burrowing animals.
If you have raccoons, stray cats or other animals that have become destructive or annoying pests, the Yard Gard will work on a variety of animals. Using a combination of sonic and ultrasonic sounds, this unit works on animals in a way that makes it very difficult for them to become accustomed to the sounds. The YardGard will cover about 4,000 square feet, making it perfect for the average size back yard, patio or other areas of that size. This is a cordless electronic unit.

For larger areas, the Critter Blaster Pro will work better than the Yard Gard. This repeller has digital harassment sounds that work on all animals and the unit covers up to six acres. Great for use in large gardens where deer and other animals are destructive.

Electronic Scarecrow is powered by batteries and can be used alone or in combination with a sonic or ultrasonic unit. When used alone, this is the perfect device for letting stray cats and dogs know that they are not welcome in your flowerbeds, garden or lawn.

For medium size gardens or larger lawns, combine the Electronic Scarecrow with the Yard Gard; combine with Critter Blaster Pro for larger areas. When unwanted deer, stray cats, stray dogs or other animals come into range, the Scarecrow shoots a short burst of harmless water at the intruding animal. This device uses both motion and heat sensors to detect animals in its path. Sensors can be adjusted for size of animal, if so desired.

Bird control problems are best handled using a sonic electronic repeller designed for birds.

Three units can be used: Bird Expeller Pro, Super Bird Expeller Pro and Goose Buster.

As its name implies, the Goose Buster is an electronic pest control device that targets geese that have become a problem on lawns, golf courses or other areas where goose poop in large quantities cannot be tolerated. Many years of research went into the design of this pest control device.

The Bird Expeller Pro and Super Bird Expeller Pro are similar electronic pest control repellers that can be used for different sized problems. These devices are used to humanely yet effectively repel birds.

Bird Expeller Pro is used for small areas, porches, balconies and even larger areas – up to an acre. Will work best over 1/4 acre area. For added impact, combine this electronic pest repeller with a visual scare device. Irri-Tape or Electronic Scarecrow will work with this unit.Roach Control

Super Bird Expeller Pro is used for larger areas and for large, stubborn bird control problems. This device has four individual speakers that can be aligned to target problem areas and cover up to 8 acres. The control panel allows you to control volume, scare sounds and variable sound times. When dealing with pest birds such as pigeons and seagulls, use the following guidelines:
• Less sound, not more – Allowing the unit to produce loud sounds on a continuous basis makes it too easy for birds to become accustomed to the sounds.
• Less bird sounds, not more – The unit gives you a choice of different bird sounds. Choose two bird sounds. Too many can alter the affect of the unit.
• Always use seagull sounds as one (or both) of your bird species sound choices.
• Always use both predator sounds. This will greatly enhance your two bird distress sounds.
• For large or stubborn problems, you can increase the effectiveness of your electronic bird repeller by also using a visual scare device in combination with your electronic device.

Choose between Prowler Owl, Bird Lite, Electronic Scarecrow or Irri-Tape. Two visual devices work best when combined with electric device. Irri-Tape and one other visual scare device is a great combo.

QB4 Quadblaster is an ultrasonic unit that has four self-contained speakers. The ultrasonic sound waves travel out to an effective distance of forty feet in each direction. This unit should be set up so as not to be damaged by rain or other moisture. It should also be placed in an area to repel birds and animals but not where humans or pets will be affected by its ultrasound.

High points of ultrasonic pest repellers:
• Ultrasonic waves do not bend corners.
• Ultrasonic waves do not penetrate walls.
• If placed in attic, barn loft or other high places, the ultrasonic effects will not be felt by people or pets underneath the unit.
• Consider the waves as you would beams of light: not penetrating, turning corners and the further they travel, the less intense they will be.

Ultraviolet rays or UV rays are used in electronic pest control for flying insects. Professional traps are designed primarily for control and elimination of fruit flies, drain flies, Phorid flies and other nuisance indoor filth fly infestations.

Ultraviolet fly traps used in restaurants or any type of commercial kitchen cannot be of the “fly zapper” type of equipment. Commercial flytraps for these sensitive areas use a non-toxic sticky trap to capture the flies that have been lured to the trap by the ultraviolet waves. The Flytrap Professional is designed to pull or lure flies from greater distances (and over a broader area) than conventional traps and uses, pheromone lures on sticky pads to aid in the trapping of indoor flies. The Luralite flytrap uses the same ultraviolet light bulbs and same type of pheromone sticky pads as the Flytrap Professional but is designed for front end use in restaurants and buffets where the public can see your trap. For darker rooms such as lounges, nightclubs, pool halls, use the Satalite Fly Trap. This flytrap also uses pheromones and UV rays to attract flies to a sticky pad but has a modernistic design to blend in with certain decors.

Ultraviolet fly zappers are not intended for use in areas where insect body parts can contaminate food, feed, utensils or other food handling areas.

A zapper is an ultraviolet flying insect trap that zaps or electrocutes flies on a grid, as opposed to the sticky pad pheromone type traps listed. The Insect flash and Executor are ultraviolet fly zappers. The Insect flash is a commercial unit that covers up to 3,230 square feet, depending on the model you choose. Two sizes are available. The Executor is a smaller unit that covers 1,300 square feet of area. Dairies, marinas and other locations where moisture is a constant should use the Splash proof Ultraviolet fly zapper.

Rat Zapper 2000 is an electronic rodent control device that quickly and humanely kills any rat or mouse that enters the trap.

Electronic pest control is not a new idea. Many products have come and gone over the last few decades. Technology has now advanced to the point where we can get satisfactory results – when the correct device is used properly in the correct areas. Bird repellers, animal repellers, fly trapping systems and rodent control devices have improved so that professionals feel comfortable using or recommending certain electronic pest control devices.